Cover Letter Sample

210 East 4th Street
Morris, MN 56267

April 10, 2005

Mr. John Bartholow, Superintendent
Belle Plaine Public Schools
220 South Market Street
Belle Plaine, MN 56011

Dear Mr. Bartholow:
The Career Center at the University of Minnesota, Morris has informed me that your school has an opening for a third grade teacher. Please consider this letter and enclosed resume a formal application for the above position.
Referring to the enclosed resume you will note that I will be a May, 2005 graduate of the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) with a major in Elementary Education. Besides the required courses in the elementary program which consisted of professional seminars, curriculum, instructional methods and media, art, music, physical education, and children's literature, I took supplemental course work in creative drama for children, problems in reading, and early childhood education. I also took ten credits in developmental psychology and the suggested electives for my program. In addition to my Elementary Education major, I also received a broad liberal arts background at UMM.
As a part of my elementary education program, I student taught in the Hancock Public Schools for ten weeks in kindergarten and fourth, fifth, and sixth grade (the intermediate grades were departmentalized). In kindergarten, I implemented a unit on various aspects of water, one of which children experimented with the properties of water. At the intermediate level, I facilitated topics concerned with human relations: Equality, How People Choose Their Leaders, and Neighbors of the World. In connection with these topics and an overall school objective of making students aware of other people's feelings, I developed a bulletin board to reward those students chosen by a committee of peers on the basis of kindness, courtesy, conduct, and effort. The program was extremely well accepted.
I have had my placement credentials forwarded to you for your review. I would be most happy to arrange an interview with you at your convenience. If there are additional application procedures I should follow, please advise me. Thank you for your consideration.


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